Our mission is to work in medical supplies industry as a superior producer in the branch of diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive and home care products in global markets and to be introduced as the superior medical brand in production of high quality and economic goods with the help of advanced technology.


High accuracy, effective cure


Nowadays our directors concentrate more on progress and development that leads to some establishments such as customer orientation, fulfilling the expectations of our clients, responsibility to the society and environment, as well as learning and instruction, promotion of personal knowledge, reliability and loyalty in every aspect of our marketing.


A quality beyond the standards, unexceptionable services


In order to make progress in the Community health level and make more profit and values for our partners, we’re trying to improve our staff and the quality of our productions and services with the help of provident insight, continuous effort and teamwork.


The most reliable medical and health supplies


One of our goals is to have an active attendance in the society of health and medical equipment of other countries. Therefore we managed to present our production and services to different countries.


Doctor recommended brand