9 Useful Foods For Fast Bone Fractures

9 Useful Foods For Fast Bone Fractures

One of the most common problems after bone fracture is the feeling of itching under the gypsum. Of course factors such as age person's health status type of fracture and ... affect the speed of treatment. In addition to eating foods rich in protein and minerals it is essential to eat high-calorie foods that have enough energy to repair broken bones. Eating vegetables fruits cereals meat fish dairy products etc. is recommended.  

Useful nutrients for bone repair

  1. Calcium

Use bone-rich calcium-like foods such as milk yogurt cheese spinach etc. to repair bones. Of course if you use calcium substances that are in the container or bottle shake the container. Because calcium goes to the bottom of the dish.  

  1. Vitamin C

Citrus fruits contain vitamin C which increases the speed of bone repair. Citrus is like lemon orange kiwi berries and green vegetables.  

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important component of bone health. Vitamin D sources include a variety of fish and tuna. Vitamin D also causes calcium absorption.  

  1. Potassium

There is potassium salt in fruits and vegetables. Potassium prevents bone absorption the process of bone absorption is such that it can destroy bones. People with osteoporosis have a higher rate of absorption of bones than their formation. Potassium is present in plums apricots soybeans and avocados.  

  1. Magnesium

There is a high percentage of magnesium in the bones therefore it has a significant effect on bone health. Magnesium foods include rice bran spinach nuts almonds and pumpkin seeds.  

  1. Iron

Red meat and chicken are among the richest sources of iron.

What should not be eaten to repair broken bones?

  1. Alcohol
  2. Caffeine
  3. Too much salt