Chamomile incense properties

Chamomile incense properties

Chamomile is one of the medicinal plants that has many therapeutic benefits. It is also very pleasant to taste and smell. Chamomile is a small plant with a height of about 30 cm and you go in the grass and sandy fields. The Chamomile pharmaceutical sector is a flower that also appears in the summer. Currently chamomile is used in pharmaceutical cosmetic health and nutrition.  

Chamomile incense properties

  1. Cleansing the skin

Chamomile incense is one of the masks of the skin that also eliminates boiling. Also by improving the blood circulation you can have a youthful and youthful skin.  

  1. Increased skin moisture

Chamomile incense enhancement cleans and moisturizes the skin and ultimately causes the skin to be disinfected and refreshed.  

  1. Eliminate blackheads

If you have blackheads on your skin you can put some chamomile in a water dish and place it on the heat to soot. At this time you can take incense 10 minutes to the desired area of ​​the skin at the end use a cloth to press them out.  

  1. Improve the eye pain

Traditional medicine doctors believe that using vinegar and chamomile incense can help relieve eye pain.  

How to cook chamomile incense

  1. Pour some chamomile flowers into a boiling water bowl to gently dip it. Then remove the container and put a cloth on your head and dish and massage your face with your fingers.


  1. You can also use a humidifier device that has an essential oil chamber and by placing the chamomile essential oil in it it can be spread in the environment.