Methods of Treating Bed Sore at Home

Methods of Treating Bed Sore at Home

Air mattresses are used in hospitals or at home to care for the patient and prevent bed sore. Bed sore cause damage to the skin and tissue under the skin. Of course the bed sore occurs in different stages and if not treated it will cause serious damage to the tissues under the skin. So prevention is very important.  

Methods of treating wound healing at home


  1. Treatment with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera moisturizes the affected skin and heals the wound quickly. To use first cut the Aloe Vera then apply the jelly material to the wound and allow it to dry. Then dry the wound through a wet cloth.  

  1. Treatment with coconut oil

Coconut oil has a fatty acid so it can help your skin healthier. Just rub some of it on the scrub area to penetrate the depth of the skin. Also the massage of coconut oil on the skin improves blood circulation.  

  1. Treatment with saline water

Wounds that are not properly cleaned are more susceptible to infection. Using the cleaning of the ulcer site through saline water (water and salt) dead skin is destroyed.  

  1. Treatment with turmeric

The turmeric has antiseptic properties and improves the area of ​​the wound. To use it first clean the area of ​​the wound with saline water then cover the area with turmeric then close it with dressing.  

  1. Treatment through honey

Natural honey has antiseptic properties which accelerates wound healing. Honey also reduces pruritus at the site of the ulcer.  

  • It is important to avoid putting pressure on the wound and damaged area during rubbing and placing the listed items in the wound.