Methods To Prevent Kidney Stones

Methods To Prevent Kidney Stones


People who have kidney stones know that pain is unbearable. The kidney stone appears without any preventive measures. For those with small kidney stones there is no acute problem but in other cases no.  

The way kidney stones form

The kidney stones are formed in such a way that some of the chemicals are concentrated in the individual's urine as crystals then the crystals turn into larger masses (kidney stones) that can pass through the urinary tract. It can cause pain if it blocks the urethra.  

Methods to prevent kidney stones


  1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water causes you to remove chemicals in the urine that causes kidney stones so eat plenty of water.  

  1. Get enough calcium

If you have too much calcium in your diet the likelihood of kidney stone buildup increases. So make sure you get enough calcium.  

  1. Reduce sodium intake

High sodium intake leads to an increase in the amount of calcium in the urine and thus the likelihood of the formation of kidney stones rises. It is worth noting that reducing sodium consumption is also appropriate for blood pressure and heart rate.  

  1. Reduce animal protein intake

Excessive consumption of animal protein such as red meat chicken eggs and seafood causes kidney stones. So consider the use of animal protein.  

  1. Consume enough useful material

Beetroot chocolate spinach tea nuts and ... help to make kidney stones. So it's best to consider how much they are consuming.