Tips For Safe Use Of Walker

Tips For Safe Use Of Walker

Walker has many uses. Use of Walkers is very helpful for people with bone fractures or who have recently been surgically or for any other reason they need help walking. Walkers are available in a variety of sizes and both kids and adults can easily use Walkers in this regard. Walkers are often made of lightweight aluminum and endure up to half their weight. Determining the correct walker height is also important for preventing falls and should be determined by an expert or physician. Your physiotherapist can also help you easily and securely use Walker. Walkers are often available on the market with four or two wheels or without wheels. Some walkers have brakes chairs special knobs and a basket. Some walkers also have the ability to connect to a car or bus.

Tips for safe use of Walker

Take small steps. Keep the walker close to your body as close as possible. Use slippers socks or shoes. Do not use thick thick carpets and carpets. Put both hands on the walker. If you carry something else put it in the basket. Make sure the walker is securely placed in each step and then rely on it.

How to get up from the chair using the walker

Drag the walker in front of your chair. Make sure the walker is smooth and secure. Hold the walker with two hands and gently pull it into the poison. When you stand wait for a few seconds to fully maintain your balance and then continue to walk. Now you can walk easily.

How to sit on the chair using the walker

Use the back walker until you make sure the seat bases are right behind you. If you have a chair that you want to handle use one hand to find and grab the armchair. Of course keep in mind that your other hand is still on the walker. Sit slowly on the chair.   Rehabilitation equipment has no complicated and difficult structure but safety is very important as it is used by older people. Because elderly people often suffer from many diseases such as osteoporosis and small injuries lead to bone fractures and damage to their bodies. So the safety of rehab means is very important and should be given a lot of attention. Because a small mistake and a minor injury lead to the hospitalization of an elderly patient. This tutorial is for public use. So to know more go to your physiotherapist.