Tips on measuring blood pressure that you should know

Tips on measuring blood pressure that you should know

In today's world health is important because of inappropriate diets and stresses and tensions. Among these diseases heart disease and blood pressure have become widespread. The heart is one of the most sensitive organs in the body and its diseases are very important. Hypertension causes many injuries to all parts of the body. Lowering it can lead to the lack of blood to the vital points of the body and its high levels can cause capillary torn or bleeding. The disease is very dangerous but if diagnosed on a timely basis and regularly controlled it can be easily treated and not caused by a person. The most important thing to do in this area is to measure your blood pressure accurately and to see if any changes occur. To do this you need a blood pressure monitor in your home. But measuring blood pressure is very important because of the high sensitivity it needs and you need to follow up on this.  

What you should pay attention to before measuring:

  1. Be sure to read the user manual of the blood pressure monitor device carefully.
  2. Never measure your pressure after the following. It does not show the correct number and mistakes you.
  • Smoking
  • Eating alcoholic and industrial
  • Eating heavy or high fat foods
  • Perform physical activity such as walking or climbing stairs
  1. Never measure your pressure in succession. Because when you measure your blood pressure your veins are spasmodic and you need to wait at least 30 minutes to return to normal and then re-measure blood pressure.
  2. Use alkaline battery for better performance and longer life.


What you should pay attention to when measuring:

  1. Make sure the blood pressure monitor is on the mm of mercury and not in kpa
  2. Try to always close the cuff on your left hand. Because this hand is closer to the heart. But if you put your right hand on it there's nothing but always measure with one hand.
  3. Close the cuff as much as two fingers above the elbow.
  4. When you close the cuff place the pipe on the device on your hand.
  5. Do not loosen the cuff too tight or too loose; the cuff should be in such a way that two fingers will fit under it not less or more.
  6. The angle of the hand should be 90 ° and aligned with the heart. To do this place your hand on a table.
  7. Try sitting on a chair and place your floor on the floor.
  8. Do not speak and do not move when measuring blood pressure.
  9. When measuring by the device do not tighten your muscles and do not touch your hands. This will change your blood pressure and blood pressure does not appear to the device.

  In the end it's good to know the best time to measure your blood pressure in the morning and fasting.