Types of Stethoscopes

Types of Stethoscopes

In this paper we have tried to introduce different types of stethoscope and the way we work is briefly described.  

  1. One-headed stethoscope

This type of stethoscope is very simple and suitable for those who want to start working with a stethoscope. It provides the ability to listen to a wide range of frequencies. The diaphragm of this stethoscope is adjusted to allow the examination of the lungs and stomach in addition to hearing the sound of the heart. This type of stethoscope is very suitable for cardiologists and those suffering from cardiovascular disease.  

  1. Two-headed stethoscope

This type of stethoscope is suitable for general practitioners. This type is suitable for almost all organs and frequencies due to having two connecting pipes (two hinges) and it is suitable for all ages with different colors. Some stethoscopes have two Bells. These handsets are usable on both sides and include a wide range of frequencies.  

  1. Electronic medical telephone

It has a high technology but many doctors say do not need to use this type of stethoscope. Despite the fact that according to some doctors the use of this phone is not necessary it has capabilities that can’t be done with traditional stethoscope at all. One of the features of this type is to save heart rate. This will cause more time to explore and discover the disease and at another time you can listen to the recorded sound. On the other hand this feature also allows you to listen to several doctors and various studies. Another feature of this stethoscope is that it can amplify the sound frequency. By doing this you can even hear the heartbeat even on clothes. This makes patients feel more comfortable.  

  1. Three-headed stethoscope

The three-headed-in stethoscope comes as a legend but you should know that this type of stethoscope is currently being manufactured by only one brand. The handset has no function beyond the electronic stethoscope and does not include a wider frequency but it has a clearer sound than the other two.  


Choosing the right stethoscope is a difficult task. But by knowing the different types of it you can easily find and purchase a stethoscope that suits your needs. Look carefully at its different types and match them to your needs. This will help you choose the most appropriate stethoscope.