It's too late in the world of technology that aims to manage the health of the individual and family, the German brand, has opened the gateway to the world of EmsiG word products for all and around the globe, and the technological solutions are based on simplicity with The precision of the global design and production capabilities of Germany has been shown. .

The company began its work in Germany in the 1960s by producing pressure gauges different from its previous medical device and began with the launch of the R & D unit more widely in the medical and medical care industry and endlessly as a pioneer in the field. This field has been the product of various flagship products of this industry.

With the adoption of innovative programs, EmsiG has steadily stepped up its customer base, and has taken all its efforts in the medical community to meet the needs of physicians, centers, patients, the elderly and all those who have a disease-prevention and management approach. They have put themselves in the forefront of their thoughts. The main focus of the EmsiG products has been on the prevention and control of health, such as the vital signs of the individual, the therapeutic and therapeutic communities, and the supply of supplies and supplies to medical and rehabilitation centers.

Today, the German company, in the light of pure thinking and global approach, employs more than a hundred varieties of different products and classes in its service portfolio, which in its own way can be seen as a great achievement. Along with the creation of this volume of product varieties, always the beauty and quality in the general sense has been an integral part of the values ​​of this collection, and it has become noticeable.

The qualitative thinking of managers, standards, and guidelines for scientific assemblies has been taken into consideration. Now, the group of barometer products has been gaining international concessions and validation by German accredited associations in the field of German hypertension measurement, as well as British BSH and ESH Europe for many years. Which features the stamp and control of quality management and standards such as ISO13485 on the body of the products. The honors that are repeatedly and consistently seen in the German product range have always provided worldwide credibility and loyalty to consumers and customers globally.

The company, such as the production elite and in the light of the reliability and durability of the German products, which is famous and special, has been seriously committed to its after-sales services, such as warranty and calibration, and these efforts have made it easy to imagine support In the minds of customers.

   Nowadays, the emphasis and emphasis on directors of affiliation with the direction of excellence in the company, has been emphasized and continuously focused on technical and engineering and research and development (R & D) collections, along with the updating of broad plans and prospects for a useful service. As a humanitarian ideal, human health is based on analyzes and the needs of societies based on market research and studies, and drives a wider range of products with technological advancement and delivers a flood of enthusiasts of trusted MCG products.

EmsiG according to the requirements of his organizational values;

Ensures commitment to the appreciation and support of its customers