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  • Massager


    Physiological effects of massage therapy

    Effect of massage on the skin
    • Increasing blood flow to the skin and accelerating the repair process
    • Strengthening the collagen fibers
    • Increasing the mobility of the skin and its tissue tissues
    The effect of massage on the circulation system
    • Helping to restore venous flow
    • Improve arterial fluid
    • Accelerate the recovery process
    The effect of massage on the lymphatic system
    • Helping the flow of lymph
    • Helping to absorb swelling
    • Accelerating metabolism
    • Speeding up recovery and improving the immune system
    The effect of massage on skeletal muscle
    • Increasing blood flow to the muscles
    • Accelerating recovery and fixing fatigue
    • Removing adhesions between the fibers
    • Relaxing muscles and increasing muscular mobility
    The effect of massage on the nervous system
    • Helping relaxation
    • Reducing pain
    • Facilitating reflexes and reducing stress
    The effect of massage on the respiratory system
    • Helping to relax the respiratory muscles
    • Helping to rinse and discharge the secretions from the lung wall
    The effect of massage on the gastrointestinal tract
    • Helping to move the intestines and help absorb and dispose of materials


  • Alternating air mattress
    Alternating air mattress

    Proper Features Of An Air Mattress

    An air mattress should have the following features:

    1.      Not very soft and thin.

    Suitable air mattresses should not be too thin. In this way, if the person sleeping on the bed does not cause direct skin contact with the underlying.

    2.      Portable and light.

    The weight of the  air mattress should be considered by the user. Because low-weight air mattresses can be easily moved. For example, there are some air mattresses that contain gel and water and are not portable because of their heaviness.

    3.      Can be washed.

    Since air mattress is used as a bed, should air mattress must be washable and disinfected.

    4.      Air pressure adjustment

    On the basis of a person’s need, air pressure inside the air mattress should be adjustable.

    5.      The suitability of the price

    Air mattresses are available at various prices. But the important thing is that the higher the price of air mattresses can be used for a longer period.


  • Medical Pillow
    Medical Pillow

    Medical pillow

    Most people feel pain when they woke up, so having a good pillow can prevent them from doing so.
    The purpose of using an appropriate pillow is to place the neck in a proper level relative to the body.

    Therefore, by choosing such a pillow we can reduce or completely eliminate neck pain.

    The best pillow

    To purchase an appropriate pillow, you should pay attention to the following points:

    1. Pillow features
    2. Pillow fabric
    3. Habits and Humor

    In the following article, we will explain each of these.

    Applicable pillow features

    1. Its sex is fluffy.
    2. be durable.
    3. fill the gap between the neck, head and back.

    Pillow Manufacturer

    1. Fill
    2. Latex
    3. Memory foam
    4. Polyester
    5. And …

    Many of these options are anti-allergic, easy to clean and dust-resistant, and can be easily used.

    How to sleep

    We can sleep in 3 ways:

    1. Sleeping on the back
    2. Sleep on the side
    3. Sleeping to the abdomen

    Among these 3 options, it’s better for physicians to sleep back for our health. But sleeping on the abdomen causes pain in the waist and neck region.

    There are, of course, pillows that are suitable for any type of sleeping pill and prevent pain.
    Why sleep is important

    Research has shown that a lack of proper sleep can cause obesity, depression, and so on, we can prevent it by choosing the right pillow.


  • Air humidifier
    Air humidifier


    • Comfortable sleep: Dryness often lead to  you snoring. If you snore, you should know that moisture levels in your home can make snoring reduce. With humidifier you’ll feel more comfortable and warmer too, which can encourage a better night’s sleep.
    • Softer, beautiful skin: Dryness of your skin occurs when your skin loose water and also in the winter or cooler months because there is less humidity in the air. Humidifier can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy. Increasing the humidity in your home, however, can often help relieve dry skin, especially in those rooms most frequently used.
    • Reducing infections: In moist air Viruses and bacteria can’t be alive. The reason is that higher humidity levels hamper the effectiveness of airborne virus. A humidifier can help you to prevent risk of infection.
    • Plants and pet life: Plants can suffer in dry, winter air. soil is dryer in winter and leaves are droopy and sick. A humidifier can help keep your houseplants healthy—which helps keep you healthy, too! Plants help pull toxins out of the air. Your indoor pets will enjoy all the same comfort and health benefits you do. A humidifier that also purifies the air is a great idea if you have a pet with allergies.
    • Reduce Allergies: If you have allergies, you can reap all of the benefits of humidified air and reduce your allergy symptoms generally by investing in an air humidifier equipped with an anti-microbial, air purifying filter. Allergy symptoms and asthma flare-ups to a bloody nose, cracked lips, irritated throat to itchy skin.
    • Warmer home: You’ll have a warmer home which could mean lower bills to pay. A humidifier not only helps to fight dry skin and flu viruses, but it will help make your home feel warmer too.  Try running your humidifier in the bedroom while you’re sleeping at nights.
    • Effect of humidifier in Nursery: Benefits of a Humidifier in the Nursery is fantastic Since a humidifier adds moisture into dry air, it also helps relieve your baby of irritated, dry skin. Baby’s skin is sensitive to dry climates so we must moisture the weather with especial humidifier and and also help baby to breathe better and improve your baby’s sleep.
    • Nose and sinuses: If you suffer from chronic sinusitis You should know that in the winter you have to be careful not to get sinewy. Humidifiers and vaporizers are commonly used in people’s homes to get more moisture into the air and to counteract dryness in the nose and sinuses. Both humidifiers and vaporizers run on electricity, and portable humidifiers and vaporizers can easily be moved from room to room.
    • Protect our hair :When atmosphere is dry, our hair is most likely dry as well. A humidifier will help to keep more moisture in the air during those cold winter months, which in turn will help keep our hair from drying out too fast and your hair grow better.
    • Effect on morning voice: The dry air is directly affecting our vocal cords. The use of water and moisturizer humidifier such as chamomile and peppermint are a way of breathing and amplifying the vocal cords. The dry air getting to your vocal cords and make your voice strident if you sleep overnight with a humidifier in your bedroom your Sound get more like your normal self .
  • Electrical underblanket and heating pad

    Advantages of electric heating pad

    1. Keep warm

    The mattress keeps you warm and gives you a good night’s sleep experience. You will not need to use several blankets using a heating pad.

    1. Save energy and money

    In the winter you can lower your thermostat or turn it off at all and use heating pad instead. In this way, you get more heat, but less energy is consumed, saving you money and energy.

    1. Having dual adjustment feature and timer

    The new mattresses feature dual adjustments, which means that half of the mattresses have a temperature and the other half has the same temperature. This feature is very suitable for those who sleep on a flat bed like couples. On the other hand, the new heating pads have a timer that you can easily adjust the shut-off time without worry.

           4.  sleep better

    A lot of research has shown that you can sleep better if your ambient temperature is lower than your bed temperature. Using the heating pad and turning off the heating equipment, the environment around you is cool if your mattress is warm. This will make you feel great sleep.

            5. Reduce muscle pain

    In the winter, most people experience muscle aches and backache. Heat can reduce these pains. The heating pads keeps the body warm, making blood flow better and reducing muscle aches.


  • nebulizer
  • Air purifier
    Air purifier
  • Facial sauna steamer
    Facial sauna steamer

    Moisture is one of the most essential things for the skin. If the skin has sufficient moisture, it remains transparent and later becomes wrinkles.

    There are many ways to keep skin moist. For example, you can put a wet towel over your face and then wet it again after drying. In this way, your skin moisture will be covered to some extent. The other way to moisturize the skin is to use moisturizing creams on the skin after bathing.

    Another way to provide moisture to the skin is using of facial sauna steamer. This will give you enough moisture to your skin.

    Facial sauna steamer Benefits

    1. You can also increase the skin‘s temperature by incineration, in addition to moisture to the skin. By doing this, you are ready to receive masks, creams and serums for treatment.
    2. With increasing face temperature, blood flow also increases and the skin becomes more transparent.
    3. Facial sauna steamer opens the pores of the skin, making the skin smoother.
    4. A facial sauna steamer can easily cleanse your skin from all materials and contaminants and give the skin a refreshing look.
    5. Increase calmness and reduce stress of the skin.
    6. With the use of facial sauna steamer you can also use medicinal herbs and multiply the effect of incense.


  • infrared lamp
    infrared lamp
  • Manicure/Pedicure
  • Oxygen concentrator
    Oxygen concentrator
  • Breast Pump
    Breast Pump

    Most mothers want their children to feed their own milk, but because of problems like the child’s mistake to eat milk and cause malaise in the mother, nipple reversal, busy work, etc., they constantly refuse to do so.

    In this case, the breast pump  is the best option so that the baby can breastfeed and the mother does not have the said problems.

    The benefits of breast pump

    Nutrition advisers always advise mothers of the use of breast pump to prevent their milk from getting in and out of their breasts, and they can feed their milk when they are not available and … for their child.

    Type of breast pump

    ·         Power breast pump

    This type of breast pump increases the speed of mother action, and the mother can adjust the strength and amount of suction to their convenience.

    ·         Handheld breast pump

    This type of breast pump is less to be faster than power breast pump, and should be done through the hands and chest.

    Notable tips when buying nutrition

    • Pay attention to the size of the breast protector in the case of breast pump. Because the size of the breast varies in different women.
    • If you want to save more time at your time, you can use a breast pump that has a dual pump, so you can simultaneously pump your two breasts.
  •  Wheel-Chair Air Seat Cushion
    Wheel-Chair Air Seat...
  • Tens + EMS
    Tens + EMS
  • hot water bottle
    hot water bottle

    Benefits Of Hot Water Bottle

    You must have been injured and remind them of the hot water bottle. Of course, relieving a lot of pain relieves the hot water bottle. But for areas that have bleeding as well as bruising, it is recommended to use a freezer bag.

    Even pregnant women can also use hot water bottles to relieve pregnancy pains. The use of plastic bottles for hot water bags is very convenient because they are soft, flexible and comfortable. If the smell of plastic hurts you, it’s best to use warm water bottles made of no odor plastic. It should also be noted that the bag is seamless because it has leakage probability.

    Now that you are familiar with hot water bottle applications in some cases, study 8 more useful applications of the hot water bottle.

    Reduce Menstrual Syndrome

    During a menstrual period, you can use a hot water bottle instead of using pain medications to reduce pain. Fill a hot bag and put on your stomach. The heat of the bag causes the pain of menstruation to be eliminated. The use of a hot water bottle also reduces stenosis of the blood vessels and improves blood flow to the uterus.

    Back pain

    If you regularly get hurt behind you, a hot water bottle is a good solution for you. According to Laurie Grossman, an authorized surgical specialist and founder of the Homeopathic Medicine Group at the University of New York, using a warm and cold treatment can help reduce pain. Cold compresses are better for inflammation and help reduce inflammation, but warm compresses are suitable for muscle spasm and muscle cramps.

    Relieve headaches

    Using a hot or cold water bag, you can relieve your headache. According to the condition, one of these two types of treatment is appropriate. Fortunately, the hot water bottle is also used as a cold water bag, and it can also be used for both cold and hot compresses.

    Ice bag

    Instead of filling the bottle with warm water, fill it halfway, then place it in a freezer and immediately put it into a freezer bag to relieve injuries, bruises and inflammations.

    Warm in the bed

    In the cold winter nights, the warmth of the bed is very enjoyable. You can pour warm water inside your bag and place it under the blanket for about 10 minutes before going to bed. This way, your bed will enjoy the warmth.

    Watering plants

    When the water is no longer hot and you do not need hot water in the hot water botle, you can use water for your plants or fill it with your pet’s water.

    Benefits of health and liver

    Using a hot water bottle and placing it on the abdomen will improve your stomach and liver function and bring you health benefits. For more impact, place the hot water bottle on your abdomen for a few hours.

    Relieve stomach cramps

    Diarrhea is never pleasant. When using stomach cramps, hot water can be very useful. Diarrhea is very painful with stomach cramps, which is greatly reduced by warming the abdomen. Take a shower of warm water, then sleep and put a hot water bottle on your abdomen and allow the heat to do its job.


  • Ice Bag
    Ice Bag

    How to use the ice bag:

    As long as the damaged part is still swollen and red, you should do ice compress at least 3 times a day. For the first 72 hours of injury, place the ice bag for 10 minutes and every hour on the affected area. After that, just 3 times a day (in the morning, at noon after returning from school or at work, and half an hour before bed), place the ice bag on the wound for 15 to 20 minutes.

    Some use cases of ice bags:

    Reduce inflation

    When your body gets hit, it does not hurt your veins and your body gets bleeding. At this time, the use of ice bags reduces your blood flow and prevents further bleeding. Therefore, the use of ice compress helps to reduce swelling.

    Reduce pain

    When a member of your body is injured, it also has pain. As a result of the use of an ice bag in the affected area, the nerves in that area are almost inactivated and the person is numb in that part and thus does not feel pain.

    After physiotherapy or intense exercise

    After your physiotherapy or intensive exercise, your blood flow is very high. Using an ice bag helps keep your blood flow faster.



When you are doing your work in your work environment, you may have to put a lot of pressure on your body that can easily relieve your pain using a massager.
  • Does massage therapy reduce headaches?
When you have a lot of activity during the week, you may have severe headaches due to stress and tiredness. Sometimes such problems do not require a doctor, and only through massage therapy, you can easily solve the problem.
  • Does massage therapy help lower back pain?
When you feel pain in your waist or legs, so that you can not easily stand on your feet or bend and right, you can relax through the massage, as well as pain in these areas. Easily cut down.
  • Does massage therapy reduce the pain of the arm?
When you play baseball, you may feel a lot of pain in the area because of the activity and tightness of the arm. In this case, you can easily reduce pain through massage.  

Air Mattress

If there is leakage of air mattress, it can not be used. However, it can be repaired using a series of simple tools that are available in any house, or a glue with air mattress. There are also educational films for the repair of air mattress, available on the Internet and various sites, and you can easily get them and see them.

Air mattress types

  • Cell air mattress
  • Bubble air mattresses
Of course, the cost of cellular mattress is much more than the type of egg.  

Medical Pillow

From doctors and experts point of view, the best way to sleep is to sit in the back when your neck and spine bones lie in the same direction as a horizontal line. In this case, the neck and spine are not compressed and prevent any problems such as arthritis of the neck or the gap between the vertebrae. If the level of the neck vertebra is lower than the spine, the neck arthritis and the falling distance between the vertebrae will be followed. And if the neck vertebra is above the spine, there will be a problem with snoring, neck pain, and lumbar spine. When someone uses medical pillows, the height of the pillow decreases with the pressure applied to the pillow from the head to the point, and goes down intelligently to the right height that is in the direction of the spine. In this case, the person is in standard sleep mode. The pillows made from the visco elastic are back to their original state when they are not pressurized.

How to wash medical pillows

These types of pillows can be washed and should be washed with cold water or put in a cold-water washing machine. If your medical pillow has a cover, just wash it off. Washing the pillow in hot water will reduce its longevity and soon lose its properties.

How to sleep on medical pillows

The head should be placed on the side that is higher. The height is different depending on the head pressure and the individual’s sleep status. The difference in the size of the large and medium pillow is only at the height of the pillow and does not change its width and width. Of course, different models of pillows of medicine have different sizes and are designed in many sizes. Medical pillows have different sizes depending on their application. Foam and viscoelastic foam pillows are temperature-sensitive and hardened at very cold temperatures. Finally, you can experience sleeping pills on your pillow. You also prevent snoring and coughing and less stress during the day.  

Air Humidifier

Instructions for buying an air humidifier

In air humidifiers devices, they usually cover areas less than the area they are exposed, so if you want to buy a larger container with a large volume for a large environment. The air humidifier device generally increases the humidity of the air. But there are several factors that can affect moisture. For example, if you put the incense in a special room and open the door, moisture may be transferred out of the room. The reason is that humidity in the air is always trying to spread itself evenly. Therefore, if the moisture content outside the room is higher than the inside, the moisture remains inside the room. But if the outside air is dry, moisture is first transferred out of the room. Therefore opening or closing the door of the room has a great influence on the humidity. If humidity is more than 50%, it can cause dust, and even higher levels of humidity can cause bacteria and fungi growth. The air humidifier content you want to get is different from the ambient temperature. A simple rule is to reduce the air temperature and increase the humidity. The reason is that if you do not reduce the temperature, you will see the water droplet window. The humidity level is 30-40%.  

Electrical Underblanket

So far little research has been done on electrical underblanket. This article attempts to examine the benefits and disadvantages of electrical underblanket so you can get the best part about your health.


Modern underblankets use low voltage wires that are much safer than their old ones. The old underblankets used direct current, while the new electrical Underblankets have a transformer that spreads the voltage at the underblanket surface. You can turn off your heating equipment at night and use an electrical underblanket instead. You can save a lot of energy. The use of electrical underblankets provides unrivaled warmth. For those who suffer from joint pain or joint pains, the use of electrical underblankets will be very helpful.


The use of electrical underblankets can lead to dangers such as burns or electric shock. But it’s not a concern, because new electrical underblankets have a high safety standard. Some even have excessive heat protection and burn protection. But incorrect use can also be problematic. On the electrical underblankets, you should not sleep with your pet, because grasping or mating the mattress can damage the electrical wires and endangers your health. These underblankets are also inappropriate for children, people with disabilities or those who are sensitive to heat. Using electrical underblankets will only save energy when you turn off your heating and use an electrical underblankets Otherwise, both increases both energy consumption and conventional mattress usage.  

Facial sauna steamer

Reasons to use facial sauna steamer

This time of year is cool, and when you leave the house, cold and rough winds hit your skin and dry your skin. They also dry the air in the inside of the oven due to the use of heating equipment, and your skin does not get enough moisture. So you have to facial sauna steamer more than ever. Using facial sauna steamer at home is a lot of benefits. Facial sauna steamer completely cleanses the skin, removes impurities on the skin, and closes open pores. On the other hand, it minimizes the wounds and has a wonderful effect on those who suffer from acne. Of course, to remove acne, you should also use a brush that is impregnated with detergent with a facial cleanser. In addition, the facial sauna steamer improves blood circulation and helps to rebuild the skin and kill dead cells. Facial sauna steamer maximize the effects of creams and facial masks. Because the pores have opened and they get better materials. Facial sauna steamer are especially useful for people with dry sines. Many doctors recommend using facial sauna steamer for the release and overcoming of dry sinuses, chronic allergies and chronic lymph nodes. You can breathe better, have a better sleep, and get rid of bloated eyes. Get rid of the awakening. If you had the moisture content of your skin with the old tradition of wet soap to your face, say goodbye to these methods. Facial sauna steamer are light and portable and have small sizes that do not occupy much space. On the other hand, you can enjoy your own appetite with facial sauna steamer without worrying about burning. Because these devices adjust the temperature precisely, and even their very good models automatically turn off when they run out of water. Disposable water is recommended for filling the water tank with distilled water. The use of distilled water ensures that no bacteria are present in the reservoir and also has no sediment due to lack of solutes. The use of essential oils to open blocked sinuses and relieve headaches can be excellent. .  

Breast pump

An power breast pump be used to collect milk for the baby. When you go to work or want to rest or do other things, you can use power breast pump, and when your baby is eating milk, you are busy with your work. The use of power breast pump does not cause pain due to suction like a baby and is easy to use. It does not take much space and its operation time is short.

Reasons to use power breast pump

  • Mobility more milk in the breast and ultimately milk production
  • Eliminate the pain caused by excessive accumulation of milk in the chest
  • Milk collection for a premature baby or a baby who can not breast feed.

Difference between power breast pump and hand

The difference between the two is the speed and convenience of pumping milk in the power breast pump compared to the handheld. Because power breast pump can be used simultaneously for your two breast and there is no need of intervention of your hand.

How to use of power breast pump

To use the power breast pump, place the silicone layer on your breast, then turn on the appliance and allow the device to continue to work, and eventually transfer the milk to a container that is embedded in the power breast pump. You just have to use a suitable sized silicone layer for your breast.
  • The use of power breast pump has many benefits, but it should be noted that washing the power breast pump is of special importance.
  • Of course, it’s important that you do not have to use too much power breast pump.

Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are used for heating the bed for centuries. Early in the sixteenth century, the heating of the beds was provided by hot coal. Later, containers were made of metal, wood, glass or pottery, where hot water was poured and used for heating. Today hot water bottles are made of soft plastic and placed in a cloth cover to protect against direct burns.

The heat

Hot water bottles are a very popular appliance for warming up in cold air. Particularly in homes with a poorly ventilated or inefficient heating system, the use of a hot water bottle will heat up and save energy. Today, due to the advancement of technology, the use of a hot water bottle for heating is less than the past. But in developing countries, the UK and, more recently, in Japan, a hot water bottle is used to provide heat with economies of scale.


Hot water bottle can also be used as a remedy for physical pain. Using a hot water bottle helps reduce pain without medication. Hot water bottle can be used as a treatment to reduce muscle aches, stomachache and menstrual cramps. Heat increases circulation and reduces pain, thus reducing spasticity and reducing inflammation.


Using the hot water bottle and the heat it can be very enjoyable. Heat can also be helpful for those who have a sleepless problem and helps improve their sleep.


  • Inside the hot water bottle, pour boiling water into the appropriate amount.
  • Be careful not to spill hot water bottle when filling the hot water bottle.
  • Before tightening the probe, remove any additional air inside the hot water bottle.
  • Before using the hot water bottle, pay attention to the surface of the bottle to prevent it from cracking it.

Ice bag

Ice reduces inflammation and pain at the damaged site, as well as to treat skin.

How does ice improve the repair of injuries?

When injuries occur in the body, this can exacerbate the blood vessels. Using ice, we can reduce blood flow and pain at the damaged point. Use of an ice bag
  • After a heavy exercise:
When exercising, we are putting a lot of pressure on our muscles, and using an ice bag, it can reduce the pressure and prevent muscle cramps.
  • Overheating of the damaged point:
The warming of the damaged point means infections or inflammation, some of which can be prevented by using ice bag.
  • Early hours after injury:
The use of an ice bag during the first hours of injury, prevents inflammation and swelling at the damaged site. Because if you do later, the inflammation and swelling caused by the pain and ultimately the lack of mobility of the desired site.
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