Wrist Digital blood pressure monitor

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Wrist Digital blood pressure monitor 

Are the wrist blood pressure monitor have precision arm blood pressure monitor?

During a study conducted in 2016, researchers trained 721 participants to use  a wrist blood pressure monitor and  arm blood pressure monitor.

When participants measured blood pressure using  wrist blood pressure monitor , 86% of them had systolic (prime number) and diastolic (second number) values ​​that contained at least 5 mm Hg more than the arm blood pressure monitor.

On the other study, 4/3 of the participants also had at least 10 mm Hg.

In another study published in the Journal of Clinical blood pressure, when at least 3 times more than 250

participants blood pressure measurements  are performed, there is a large difference in the measured values ​​of the wrist barometer. Researchers believed that the reason for this difference was to put the  blood pressure monitor  in the wrist.

Tips for measuring  blood pressure through digital  blood pressure monitor

Wrist  blood pressure monitor sensitive to physical position. For proper measurement, the wrists and shoulders should be placed at the heart.

Arm blood pressure monitor should be located above the elbow, and the arms and the wrists should not be closed.

The advantage of  wrist  blood pressure monitor compared to a  of  arm blood pressure monitor

One of the advantages of a wrist blood pressure monitor is that the obese person can  not  properly position the arm cuff around their arms, so they can use a wrist blood pressure monitor.

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