Alternating air mattress

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Alternating air mattress 

Proper Features Of An Air Mattress

An air mattress should have the following features:

1.      Not very soft and thin.

Suitable air mattresses should not be too thin. In this way, if the person sleeping on the bed does not cause direct skin contact with the underlying.

2.      Portable and light.

The weight of the  air mattress should be considered by the user. Because low-weight air mattresses can be easily moved. For example, there are some air mattresses that contain gel and water and are not portable because of their heaviness.

3.      Can be washed.

Since air mattress is used as a bed, should air mattress must be washable and disinfected.

4.      Air pressure adjustment

On the basis of a person’s need, air pressure inside the air mattress should be adjustable.

5.      The suitability of the price

Air mattresses are available at various prices. But the important thing is that the higher the price of air mattresses can be used for a longer period.


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