Mechanical Scale

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Mechanical Scale 

Mechanical Scale Features:

  • It has no battery.
  • It has non-sticking bases.
  • Has an analogue weight display.

Important points to use:

  • Place the scales on a flat, smooth, and hard surface and never place it on a rugged surface.
  • Under the scales, place it firmly and tightly, like a tile, stone or parquet, and place it on a piece (not a few pieces).
  • Do not put it on carpet to measure it more accurately.
  • To maintain factory settings, rotate the plastic gearbox below the scales to the left and right, and keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Clean the scales with a damp cloth and refrain from dipping the scales in water or using chemicals, detergents or detergents.
  • To ensure accuracy of the weight measurement, move the scales slowly so that no damage occurs.
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