Diagnostic Personal Scale

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Diagnostic Personal Scale 

One of our daily habits is to measure our weight, which we can do in different places, such as street, house, or club. But the problem is that the scales have different precision and we can make the desired scale according to our needs.

Because of the difference in accuracy on the scales, you may gain different weights with different scales. Note, however, that this difference is a few grams and, if more, is due to a malfunctioning scale .

Best time to measure weight:

The best time is the beginning of the morning with an empty stomach to show us the right weight. If you want to see the weight difference on different days, you can register it daily for fixed hours.

Where is the placement of th scale?

Place the scale on a firmly level, and avoid placing it on carpet or wooden parquet. So you can accurately measure your weight.

Tips for buying the suitable scale:

  1. The scale you want to buy is proportional to your maximum weight, so you do not have to pay extra for it.
  2. Buy the scale from the valid brand.
  • Keep in mind that during the day you can measure up to 2-3 times your weight and avoid doing so more than a day to avoid depression and stress.
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