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hot water bottle 

Benefits Of Hot Water Bottle

You must have been injured and remind them of the hot water bottle. Of course, relieving a lot of pain relieves the hot water bottle. But for areas that have bleeding as well as bruising, it is recommended to use a freezer bag.

Even pregnant women can also use hot water bottles to relieve pregnancy pains. The use of plastic bottles for hot water bags is very convenient because they are soft, flexible and comfortable. If the smell of plastic hurts you, it’s best to use warm water bottles made of no odor plastic. It should also be noted that the bag is seamless because it has leakage probability.

Now that you are familiar with hot water bottle applications in some cases, study 8 more useful applications of the hot water bottle.

Reduce Menstrual Syndrome

During a menstrual period, you can use a hot water bottle instead of using pain medications to reduce pain. Fill a hot bag and put on your stomach. The heat of the bag causes the pain of menstruation to be eliminated. The use of a hot water bottle also reduces stenosis of the blood vessels and improves blood flow to the uterus.

Back pain

If you regularly get hurt behind you, a hot water bottle is a good solution for you. According to Laurie Grossman, an authorized surgical specialist and founder of the Homeopathic Medicine Group at the University of New York, using a warm and cold treatment can help reduce pain. Cold compresses are better for inflammation and help reduce inflammation, but warm compresses are suitable for muscle spasm and muscle cramps.

Relieve headaches

Using a hot or cold water bag, you can relieve your headache. According to the condition, one of these two types of treatment is appropriate. Fortunately, the hot water bottle is also used as a cold water bag, and it can also be used for both cold and hot compresses.

Ice bag

Instead of filling the bottle with warm water, fill it halfway, then place it in a freezer and immediately put it into a freezer bag to relieve injuries, bruises and inflammations.

Warm in the bed

In the cold winter nights, the warmth of the bed is very enjoyable. You can pour warm water inside your bag and place it under the blanket for about 10 minutes before going to bed. This way, your bed will enjoy the warmth.

Watering plants

When the water is no longer hot and you do not need hot water in the hot water botle, you can use water for your plants or fill it with your pet’s water.

Benefits of health and liver

Using a hot water bottle and placing it on the abdomen will improve your stomach and liver function and bring you health benefits. For more impact, place the hot water bottle on your abdomen for a few hours.

Relieve stomach cramps

Diarrhea is never pleasant. When using stomach cramps, hot water can be very useful. Diarrhea is very painful with stomach cramps, which is greatly reduced by warming the abdomen. Take a shower of warm water, then sleep and put a hot water bottle on your abdomen and allow the heat to do its job.


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