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Ice Bag 

How to use the ice bag:

As long as the damaged part is still swollen and red, you should do ice compress at least 3 times a day. For the first 72 hours of injury, place the ice bag for 10 minutes and every hour on the affected area. After that, just 3 times a day (in the morning, at noon after returning from school or at work, and half an hour before bed), place the ice bag on the wound for 15 to 20 minutes.

Some use cases of ice bags:

Reduce inflation

When your body gets hit, it does not hurt your veins and your body gets bleeding. At this time, the use of ice bags reduces your blood flow and prevents further bleeding. Therefore, the use of ice compress helps to reduce swelling.

Reduce pain

When a member of your body is injured, it also has pain. As a result of the use of an ice bag in the affected area, the nerves in that area are almost inactivated and the person is numb in that part and thus does not feel pain.

After physiotherapy or intense exercise

After your physiotherapy or intensive exercise, your blood flow is very high. Using an ice bag helps keep your blood flow faster.

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