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EmsiG GmbH Co. Contact Details:
Main address: Beim strohhause 27, 20097 Hamburg, Germany ,
Tel:+49 (40)228158630, Fax:+49 (40)228158639, E-mail: ad[a]emsig-global.com

Introduction of Medical Products, Health Products, Health and Safety in the field of prevention and control of health (vital signs, individual, family, community healthcare, production and supply of medical supplies for centers, Assistive rehabilitation of the company in the city of german as one of the pioneers in this long historical activity area.
The company has taken great steps and provided the medical community with its innovations in these fields, and aims at optimizing the general purpose of the products and meeting the health needs of individuals and patients as well as the needs of physicians and clinics.
EmsiG also offers massive innovations in all areas of its products to meet the needs of the best, and to use the very easy, principled and functional products that are performed with efficient operation and full efficiency.
The focus of the company is on personal characteristics to monitor and manage your health in the community of medicine and the environment, and it is important to preserve these values.
Experience the superior quality and guarantee of EmsiG with our wide range of products at home, center, ....
The EmsiG group of barometers based on this industry and factory are gaining global privilege and approval by the Berman hypertension Association of Birmingham and British BHS ESH Europe and the quality seal.
Continuing earnings in high quality production management and high quality products, and precise quality control and multi-stage are among the most prominent features of the German company Msig and have provided peace of mind to its international consumers.
In the expansion of product types and the addition of new products, senior executives from this German company throughout the world carry out extensive research every three months in different sections, and the users of the company, considering the trust they found on EmsiG, are moving towards new products. They feel the need for users and demand the diversification of a wide range of products under the company, because they have full confidence in EmsiG.
The company is renowned for its well-known industrialists in the field of health medicine. The quality of the products known by the company is so great that it brings world-wide reputation and the company owns its own technology and innovation. The lines of the company's production with the new management system and the program Precision control is guided.
The company, with its long and even historic record, began to produce different barometers with a medical device that started in 1901 to 1910 stopping production due to the difficult economic conditions and the beginning of the 1960s reengineering, a very strong development in the region. The medical industry continued to be one of the pioneers in the field and the production of medical products for the health of diverse products.

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