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EmsiG GmbH Co. Contact Details:
Main address: Beim strohhause 27, 20097 Hamburg, Germany ,
Tel:+49 (40)228158630, Fax:+49 (40)228158639, E-mail: ad[a]emsig-global.com

EmsiG-Goddess Of Wellness & Vitality

Provides most qualified and most various medical devices You can study EmsiG performance in medical industry. EmsiG is one of the most pioneer in design , production and sales of medical devices in the world (prevention,diagnosis,health control,therapy,general medical disposable, Rehabilitation and beauty) Accuracy of devices is predominated features of the hospitals.

EmsiG devices are various and are produced base of medical society and people needs. The main characteristic of EmsiG is accentuating to products based on environment protection. EmsiG devices have global clinic standard certificates and highest safety level and are supplied for all ages, even children, adults and pregnant.

EmsiG devices are produced due to important factors such as industrial designing, exclusivity in technology, performance and proficiency, intelligence, accuracy, quality and durability, device speed and guarantee. Golden guarantee is individual features of EmsiG. Products and specifications are available in EmsiG site.

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