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EmsiG GmbH Co. Contact Details:
Main address: Beim strohhause 27, 20097 Hamburg, Germany ,
Tel:+49 (40)228158630, Fax:+49 (40)228158639, E-mail: ad[a]emsig-global.com

Terms of Use
Welcome to EmsiG.
Thank you for visiting our website and using our services. This service is provided by EMSIG.
Please read the following terms carefully before you use our website. If you register on our site, you are accepting these terms.

  1. Terms of use for website:
  • Use the website

The content of this website is for the sole purpose of viewing and downloading for personal purposes, and any other use thereof without the knowledge of the company is not permitted.
These terms may be changed by Msig and will be considered by the users who have already agreed on one month to accept the new terms, and if, after a month, they automatically consider all members in accordance with the new terms. Take
Usig Company has any changes in the products or information of the site.

  1. Responsibility:

We will try to keep the content up to date and we will take responsibility for the removal of non-ethical and anti-legal content.
EmsiG Company is not responsible for any of the following:

  • Disruption or delay in Internet connection
  • Disruptions on the website. For example due to technical problems and technical defects on the site.
  • The accuracy, completeness or current validity of the site
  • The accuracy of the products on the website as well as the appropriate items for specific purposes
  • The damage caused by the use of the website, especially because of the use of malware (viruses, trojans, etc.)
  • The content of other sites linking to this site.
  1. Copyright:
    The entire content of the website (especially text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, etc.) is protected by copyright. If you use them, the source should be fully mentioned and should not change the logo or anything else and should be coordinated with the company for any use.
    EmsiG's site can be used to improve the performance of the site from the opinions that users place on the site.
  2. Unethical rules:
    Transferring viruses, malware and Trojans, linking to unauthorized content, or distributing unwanted emails (spam), unnecessary virus warnings, frequent invitations to the tournament, and more. All of them violate ethical rules.
    The site has the right to block user access at any time, especially if the user has violated the site's rules.
  3. Registration:
    There are pages on the website that need to enter a username and password. These pages are the sales representatives of the company, as well as people who have been verified by the site and are allowed to publish content on the site.
    After registration, users are obliged to publish the contents honestly, as well as the protection of access information to the users themselves.
    In the following cases, the site has the right to block the user's permission to the site:
  • User who has given incorrect information at the time of registration.
  • Has violated general terms or conditions regarding access to information.
  • The site has violated the rules.
  1. Terminate account and delete account by user:
    Each user can easily terminate his account at any time at any time. To do this, just go to the user profile section and select the Delete account option and enter your password to confirm. When the user tries to delete his account, all user information is deleted on the site. If the user is also affiliated with other services such as the newsletter, only the person's email for the newsletter section will not be deleted. Of course, access rules are not for users who have deleted their account.
    The company can change these conditions at any time, and users are obliged to review the changes in the conditions, and from the moment the conditions change, up to a month, users can accept or reject the terms (delete their account), and then This opportunity automatically accepts the opportunity whenever a user logs in.

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