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Terms of sale

  1. General information, range

Our general terms of sale are the same for all customers (or those who are later added as our customer). In order to establish a relationship between us and our customers, it is imperative that these terms are accepted by the customers in writing and in writing. Our customers are real people or companies. Deliveries of goods and services are fully subject to our terms of sale, and any breach of any of these terms will result in the denial of communication with the customer.
The sections attached to these general clauses should be based on the same rules and not violate them, and written agreement is very necessary for us.


  1. The result of the contract

We offer our customers through our catalogs or through technical documentation (such as designs, drawings, evaluations, calculations, etc.). Customers can buy or use the services offered when they are satisfied with our offerings.
When the customer completes the purchase request form, he accepts a non-return contract and we will provide the service or product for which we ask the customer for a maximum of two weeks after the request.


  1. Price and payment terms

Until the order for confirmation is finalized, all prices are calculated based on the acceptance of the total units of transport, sales unit and legal value added tax.
In general payments are made by issuing an invoice. When the customer completes the final confirmation, the invoice will be issued and will be paid within a certain time limit. If the customer fails to settle within the specified period, the purchase price will increase by 9% above the relevant rate. We have the right to request payment at any time if we pay the bill.
For the sale or delivery of goods in any place other than the customer's place of work, the cost of transport and all related insurance must be paid. The cost of transport and taxes and ... Other expenses must be paid by the customer.
Package is made at any cost.


  1. Delivery time and delivery late

The delivery time is agreed upon, but if the delivery time is not determined, the delivery time is maximum 3 weeks after the final confirmation of the order.
If delivery is delayed, we will prioritize that service and if it is beyond our control (for example, the delay in the shipping service) and does not reach the deadline set forth in the contract, We are committed to the contract and customer compensation will be paid.
Delivery of our goods is legal and in case of delay, the amount of damages paid to the customer for each full week of delay is 5% of the net price of the goods.


  1. Delivery, Risk Approval, Admission, Default Admission

Delivery of goods starts from the packing of goods in the warehouse and continues until the product reaches the place specified by the buyer. If the buyer specifies the delivery route and the type of shipment, this will be done according to his wishes and paid by the buyer, but if no agreement has been reached, determine the type of transport and its route to We are responsible for the cost of shipping goods with the buyer.
In the event of the transfer of goods to a location other than the place agreed upon, we shall not be responsible for the failure of the goods due to this transfer or delay in arriving at it, and the responsibility of the buyer and shipping company is the responsibility of this.
If there are any defects in the product, the customer can not deliver it.
If there is a delay in the process of delivery of the goods by the customer, such as non-acceptance of the goods without valid and unreasonable reason or non-cooperation, we may request a damages from the customer due to additional costs incurred.


  1. Warranty

After delivery of the goods, the customer has a period of 2 weeks if he finds a defect in the goods, it will inform us and the goods will be replaced. We are not responsible for any defects that will not be notified to us during this period.
After about two years in the event of a device failure, you can contact us to fix them. Of course, the defects caused by inappropriate use of the customer, such as high voltage connection or fracture resulting from the impact, do not include warranties, and the customer is required to pay the repair of the item.
In case of delivery, if a partial defect is observed, it will be repaired by the operator delivering the goods and, if there is a need for substantive repairs, will be returned to the company.


  1. Other responsibilities

In case of negligence and error, we take responsibility for it.
In case of damage to the purchaser, such as damage from the device, we will be liable to it.
In case of breach of any part of the contract from us, we take responsibility for it and pay damages to the customer.


  1. Booking the title

The title of ownership of the goods sold is wholly owned by us. And the use of these titles is illegal.
If you see any use of our titles, the customer can inform us of the extent.
In case of non-payment by the customer at the time stipulated, we have the right to request the return of the goods.


  1. The choice of law and place of judiciary

All legal relations are governed by the Federal Republic of Germany. The United Nations Convention on International Sales of Goods is not applicable. As long as the customer is a registered trademark or a law firm under public law, it is the legal jurisdiction of his place of employment; nevertheless, we are entitled to take legal action against the customer in our place of residence if necessary.

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