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Insulin Syringe

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Insulin syringe

  • Has a sealing ring.
  • The presence of silicone oil on the rubber stopper surface To ensure smooth and regular movement of rubber stopper and Plunger inside the painless Barrel.
  • Triple Cutting Technology: It facilitates the insertion of needles into the skin and the loss of injection.
  • Electro-pulp technology: Eliminates extremely fine cuttings needle tip and needle flashing needle with minimal friction And with soft motion, it is applied to the skin.
  • Silicone coating: silicone coating on the electrolysis surface It facilitates the insertion of the needle into the skin and thus provides a comfortable and painless injection.
  • The needle diameter is measured with a unit called a gauge. The higher the needle diameter the thinner the needle is. (Available: with 30 and 31 puzzles)

DB 72 (1ml) 30G, 8mm, U-100, Fixed Needle
DB 76 (1ml) 31G, 8mm, U-100, Fixed Needle
DB 76 (0.5ml) 31G, 8mm, U-100, Fixed Needle
DB 56 (1ml) 30G, 8mm, U-100, Detachable Needle
DB 56 (1ml) 31G, 8mm, U-100, Detachable needle
DB 76 (1ml) 30G, 8mm, U-100, Fixed Needle
DB 76 (0.5ml) 30G, 8mm, U-100, Fixed Needle

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Insulin Syringe

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