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EmsiG Smart Health Product

EmsiG Smart Health Product

The world of EmsiG technology for managing your health and your individuality

All products marked with the EmsiG Series 0X focus on individual features of the innovative technology of modern health management.

EmsiG Smart Health Product


These products also have the ability to connect to the "health" app and allow you to transfer data to your computer or smartphone, in addition to displaying information, and thus always have access to your information.

You can transfer data to your computer or smartphone via bluetooth, usb or ncf. You can store this data or manage it at any time using ios or android compatible systems.

Connect Device

EmsiG allows you to easily manage your weight, blood pressure, and activity levels. View the latest measurements and see the data in a clear overview. You can also view advanced charts and tables at any place and at any time. Allows you to compare data by analyzing data and measured values, sharing these values, or sending them by email.

EmsiG will do its best to monitor and manage your health.

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