What does a snail move mean?

Snail move means movement with the body shape, in the way that walker gets flexible due to the type of movement and makes walking more comfortable.

What is the difference between Walker and Crutch and Crack?

The difference between them is only in the type of their usage. So that for each kind of damage one of them will be used, but their general use is to help the injured persons to walk.

Is using the air mattress suitable for preventing or healing the bedsore?

Yes, for patients who are not able to move, it is recommended to use the air mattresses in order to prevent bedsore. For patients, who are suffering from bedsore, using air mattresses can be helpful to prevent further damages, and with the function of spreading pressure throughout the body it will prevent the accumulation of pressure at a particular spot.

Is electric pad can be washed with a washing machine?

Yes EmsiG electric pads have cover and the pad itself is 100% washable and can be detached with a socket.

What kind of medical pillow is more suitable?

Depends on your use of pillows it differs. Sleep position is an effective factor in choosing the size of the pillow. If you sleep on your side, the distance between your shoulder and your neck will be a good criterion to choose the height of your pillow. Tall and fat peoples or the persons with broad shoulders should use a large size pillow. If you sleep on your stomach, the middle size is better for you, and if you sleep on your back, you can choose the height of the pillow by measuring the distance from center of your spine to the floor or your bed.

What is the difference between a medical pillow and a normal pillow?

Medical pillow with different quality and unique design tries to bring you more relaxation in your sleep. EmsiG pillows are completely professional and scientifically designed to make the user sleep more comfortably and relaxed.

Does the use of the massage device relieve pain?

Yes, using a massager will improve some spasms and relieve pain. The massager with infrared heat and knocking will increase blood flow, make you relax and reduce the pain.

What factors can cause an error in temperature measurement?

Factors such as environmental temperature or in non-contact thermometers, not giving attention to effective distance can affect the measurement accuracy and cause an error. Besides, it should be considered that a thermometer needs some time to measure the temperature correctly.

Why does the measured temperature through rectal differ from forehead and ears?

In normal people, the temperature of the various parts of the body has a defference between 0.2 to 1 ° C. This difference in patients may vary depending on the type of disease.

Is warm humidifier different from hot humidifier?

Yes, there’s difference between them. The temperature of the hot humidifier is higher than the warm one and functions completely different.

How to clean our air humidifier?

To clean the device, pour a cup of white vinegar into the tank for 15 minutes. Then, clean the inside of the tank, especially inside the transformer, with the existed brush in the carton or with a soft toothbrush. Never use hand or finger to clean the machine, as well as strong solvents and detergents.

Abnormal sounds of the incense can be heard.

If abnormal sounds are heard from the device, it can be due to the low water in the tank, which can be solved by filling some water, or because the device is located on an uneven surface, to solve the problem you should put it on a flat surface.

What is the WHO standard?

The standard that the World Health Organization, WHO, has introduced for various measurements. The different values will be shown in different colors.

What does the Lo sign on the display indicate?

The display of this sign is because the batteries are low and you have to replace them with new batteries.

How to use the cuff?

1. Make sure the air catch is fully inserted into the machine. 2. Remove all clothes on your arm so that the cuff is placed exactly on your skin. 3. Sit on the chair. Put your feet on the ground. Place your hand on the table to level the cuff with your heart. 4. Reject the cuff from the inside of the metal ring. The air pipe should be inside. 5. Pass your hand through the cuff and then lift the cuff over your arm. 6. The air pipe should be placed inside your hand. The lower edge of the cuff should be 2 to 3 cm above the elbow. 7. Tighten the cuff firmly. No space should be left between the cuff and the hand. 8. Put your hand in comfort and put the cuff in the direction of your heart.

What are systolic and diastolic pressure?

Systolic pressure (maximal) is the pressure that is applied to the wall of the vessels during the contraction (systole) of the ventricles in the heart cycle, which blood is pumped into the arteries by force, and the diastolic pressure (minimum) is the blood pressure that occurs during the resting phase of the heart cycle and when the heart is again filled with blood, it is applied to the vascular wall.

Why are two systolic and diastolic numbers obtained?

The reason is that you have two blood pressure. One is when the heart is resting and the rate is lower, and the other number is when the heart is pumping the blood, which beats faster and shows a higher rate.

Is the blood pressure suitable for detecting a heart problem?

All EmsiG pressure meters have the ability to detect arrhythmia or heart rate abnormalities. For this reason, they are suitable for diagnosing some heart problems.

What products are rehabilitation products?

Rehabilitation first of all means helping the people who has hand/foot dosorders, and the easiest way to help them usually are walker, armpit, cane, rollator, wheelchairs, bathroom and toilet wheelchairs and …, that have a wide variety.

What is the difference between cell and bubble air mattress?

Cellular mattresses are more tolerable and suitable for patients with bedsore. Besides, for patients who have been motionless for more than 3 weeks, cellulose mattress is recommended. On the other hand, the 130 bubble air mattresses, which are the simplest mattresses and are used as a preventive coating and an initial stage of wound healing, called low risk.

Does it turn off automatically?

All the EmsiG electric pads turn off automatically. Some models turn off after a certain time, and in some cases it is possible to set a timer. This system is used to prevent a person's health from being compromised.

Does the usage of electric pads has the risk of getting burn or electric shock?

No, the EmsiG electric pads are completely immune to electric shock and burn and there is no possibility of danger. They are designed to be safe and secure. Also the Heat Control System completes this process.

What are the applications of medical pillow?

Medical pillows are applied around the neck, under the hip, behind the back, under the head and between the knees, while sitting or sleeping. Choose the appropriate pillow based on your sleeping position.

What is Shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu massage is one of the newest and most popular massage methods that comes from Eastern Asia, which attacks spots that are known as active or sensitive in acupuncture. Shiatsu makes you feel relaxed and has a positive effect on your organ function. In the Shiatsu massage, you need some knowledge to discover the active points well. Shiatsu EmsiG massagers provide you with a pleasant and effective massage by knowing the exact points and massage them.

From what temperature begins the fever?

The normal body temperature is 37 degrees. If the body temperature goes above it, it will be called fever. Fever more than 40 degrees is very dangerous.

Does the contactless thermometer display the temperature correctly?

Yes. Some thermometers work as non-contact. It does not need to be contacted to measure the temperature, but the effective distance should be considered for a distance measurement. An effective distance means that the thermometer only works at that specific distance efficiently, and if this distance outreaches, the measurement error will increase.

Is it better to buy a cold humidifier or a hot one?

Depending on the circumstance and the reason of it’s usage, it must be decided. For example, hot humidifier is not suitable for children and middle-aged in hot weather, although in winter, it is pleasant to use a hot purifier to keep the environment warm and humid. On the other hand cold purifier is suitable for all season especially in dry areas which have low humidity and a humidifier is needed.

Which air humidifier is suitable?

The air purifier, which has a purer steam, at least 5liter capacity, low power consumption and powerful engine, is the most suitable for daily usage.

The device lights up, but doesn’t work.

This is probably due to excessive water in the tank. To solve it, empty some water from the duct.

What is the Waterless Lights?

A red LED that due to the low amount of water in the tank. In that case the device will turn off automatically with the help of an advanced sensor.

What does the IHB mark on the screen mean?

The EmsiG pressure gauges are capable of detecting arrhythmia (heart rate abnormalities) and displaying this mark on the screen is due to the fact that the person has this problem. An irregular rhythm is a heartbeat, which is 25 percent higher or lower than the normal rhythm. If you see this sign, you should visit a doctor.

What is the reason for the Err sign on the display and how it will be solved?

The display of this sign can have 2 reasons: One has occurred during the process of blowing up the device, which should be tightened around the arm to fix it and repeat the operation again. The other reason is the measurement error, so you do not have to move your body and sit slowly to fix it.

How much should we wait between two measurements?

Between both consecutive measurements must be at least 3 minutes apart.

Why is there a difference between measuring the pressure on the wrist and arm?

Measuring the pressure on the wrist is slightly different because the arm is nearer to the heart than the wrist and arm should be adjusted in the right position. But, one of the EmsiG blood pressure monitor has a warning if position is inappropriate. Although the measured pressure through the arm is more accurate than through the wrist, but the difference is just about 1mmhg, and it's not a big difference, and it is accepted by doctors.

Do the devices need regular calibration?

No, the EmsiG blood pressure meters do not need to be calibrated and accurately measure the pressure with an error less than 0.1.