US456 plus Cool mist air humidifier Ultrasonic technology

Short Description

All ages

Nebulizer for environment

Mist control &  Max 350 ml/h

Two-year warranty and ten years after-sales service

Removable nozzle 360




emsig US456 Plus

US456 Plus cool mist air humidifier Ultrasonic technologyrelax baby

Strengths :

Very low power consumption of 31 watts

Free filter for air purification

Has a 7-color night light

Humidifier and air purifier

It has 2 classic designs and 2 children's and fantasy designs for the day

Contains an essential oil compartment in the steam outlet with sponge








Improve your baby's cold.

Does your child have a lot of colds?

Because moisturizing respiratory tract is very important in winter this makes breathing easier.

In addition to humidifying the environment the use of the appliance has a different effect which is the cleaning of the ambient air due to the purification filter used in the incinerator.

The US 456 is available in various designs and colors. The advantage of this device is its childish designs. Because children are more exposed to virus diseases like colds it is highly recommended to use a baby food machine.




Cold ultrasonic incense molding machine or cold weather suitable for summer that the air is warm and dry and this can be achieved with sufficient moisture. The US 456 has a very low power consumption and is also very functional with a 5.2-liter water tank. This device is made with day technology. It has a steam outlet regulating volume as well as a negative total ion. When the water in the device is less than a certain limit the warning light will light up and if not added the water will automatically turn off.

The US 456 incinerator works very quietly and its steam output is excellent. It also has a free pre-filter and water bacteria filter.

The incense also has a LED light on the steam setting which when it's green means the device is working and its red indicates the lack of water in the tank.

Eating is also very useful for skin diseases such as Eczema and Ethiopia. Because treating these diseases is long exposed to moisture. These diseases are more common in children.

Most respiratory diseases also occur in childhood preventing serious illness in children by facilitating the respiration of children.

The US 456 can be used in two different type : classics and fancy kids programs.