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Provides most qualified and most variety medical devices You can study EmsiG performance in medical industry. EmsiG is one of the most pioneer in design.

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The EmsiG Gmbh of Commerce aims to increase the level of public health and provide and make available more and more home medical products.

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In the markets that have a fast tolerance, the companies should constantly develop the quality and quantity of their products.


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The technology and performance of EmsiG products are based on the scientific researches and needs of customers.

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As one of the pioneers in the medical industry (in the domains of prevention, Therapy, health control, rehabilitation and medical Device), the EmsiG GmbH Co. has taken huge steps in technological innovation.
This company started its activities by manufacturing hand pressure gauges and stethoscopes in Hamburg employing creativity and innovation.

EmsiG has always sought dynamism, flexibility and conformity of its products to the demands of the users, and its R&D department complies with the up to date global standards and employs the services of knowledge-based institutions and experts and specialist consultants and designers to do its best in producing higher-quality products.

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EmsiG is currently one of the well-known industrial companies in supplying medical and health products, and utilizes modern management methods and accurate planning to control and guide its production lines.
EmsiG has set for itself the mission to manufacture and supply diverse products for improving health and quality of life, and its objective is to turn into the producer of the superior choice of health-oriented products for the all the members of the medical family and community.
Keep in mind that EmsiG will be your reliable brand due to its cultural credit and organizational values and will always support you and appreciate your trust in its products.

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