Designing and developing a new product count as a very important step in the stability of a company.
In a market that has a fast tolerance, companies should constantly develop the quality and quantity of their products.
Constant improvement of technology, commercial competitors, and priorities of customers make this development inevitable.
A developing company should accentuate its strategic alliance, ownership, commercial networks, and human resources as well as a precise and long-term business plan to achieve its goals in the future.

It has been proved that there is a direct correlation between research and development. This correlation can affect the efficiency of a company in every department. However, due to our advanced technology, this correlation is more obvious in our company than in the others.
Working based on marketing and technological principles, the system concentrates only on the current needs of the market and customers. It also operates based on research and development. For instance, EmsiG is more concerned with the future needs of the market.
Normally, research and development activities are leaded by specialized departments which are related to a company (e.g., EmsiG), or they can be contractually outsourced to other research centers or universities.
In commerce, R&D includes long-term and future-oriented activities in the area of science and technology, aimed at predetermined commercial results with the use of common scientific research methods.
Goals of EmsiG Research and Development
The goals of Research and Development Department of EmsiG are being progressed based on the needs and priorities of the company to reach the ideal levels of improvement. Some of these goals are as follows:
• Manufacturing new products with the help of new technology and improving the quality
• Achieving practical knowledge in order to develop the products and optimize the procedures
• Discovering new opportunities and needs of the related market
• Fulfilling the requirements of EmsiG customers
• Having cooperation in new trends of science and technology
• Improving the efficiency of human resource activities
• Having an active attendance in global markets
• Promote independency and self-reliance
• Analyzing new advanced methods of production to reduce costs
• Analyzing the status of products in global markets and the efficiency of plans and coworkers

EmsiG is moving toward its goals by considering these practical plans and always trying to achieve them through research and development.

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