Here you will find the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our Massager products.

Is a warm humidifier different from a hot humidifier?

Yes. They are different. The temperature of the hot humidifier is higher than that of the warm one. They have completely different functions.

How should an air humidifier be cleaned?

To clean the device, pour a cup of white vinegar into the tank for 15 minutes. Then, clean the inside of the tank, especially inside the transformer with the brush existing in the carton or with a soft toothbrush. Never use hands or fingers to clean the machine. Strong solvents and detergents must not be used.

Can abnormal sounds be heard from the incense?

If abnormal sounds are heard from the device, it can be due to the low water in the tank. The problem can be solved by pouring some water. Since the device is located on an uneven surface, you should put it on a flat surface to solve the problem.

Is it better to buy a cold humidifier or a hot one?

Depending on the circumstances and the reason for its usage, the right type of humidifier can be selected. For example, a hot humidifier is not suitable for children and middle-aged people in hot weather. Thus, in winter, it is pleasant to use a hot purifier to keep the environment warm and humid. Moreover, a cold purifier is suitable for all seasons, especially in dry areas which have low humidity; therefore, a humidifier is required.

Which air humidifier is suitable?

The air purifier is the most suitable choice for daily use because it has a purer steam, at least 5 liters of capacity, low power consumption, and powerful engine.

The device lights up but does not work!

This is probably due to excessive water in the tank. To solve it, empty some water from the duct.

What is the waterless Light?

A red LED turns of due to the low amount of water in the tank. In that case, the device will turn off automatically with the help of an advanced sensor.

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