Technology has both positive and negative aspects. Each of them can be analyzed and studied and can also affects human’s life in it’s own way.

If we look at the positive side we come to the conclusion that technology as an important factor was very effective in every evolution that humans have ever made. It’s first advantage is to make our life much easier.

In many cases technology has made the impossibles possible and let the humans make big progresses.

We used technology to increase the quality of our products and services as well. In the following text some of them have been mentioned.


Using Technology in EmsiG products

EmsiG electric pads are fireproof and has a detachable socket. They reach the primary heat fast and keep the temperature in a steady level.

EmsiG air humidifiers are ultrasonic and have negative ion generator. In some models (such as US420) there’s a 5 layer air filter that except for moisturizing the environment they purify the air as well. Their soundless function is one of the other advantages of these devices.

EmsiG face humidifiers have two aperture so you can put herbal seeds in the special embedded place to increase the effect of the steam on your skin.

EmsiG body scales have high weigh capacity and have been designed beautifully and modern. Some models have the ability to measure body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass as well.

EmsiG blood pressure monitors measure high blood pressure very fast and accurate. They have inflation system that measure the pressure when the cuff is full so it has more accuracy.

EmsiG aneroid blood pressure monitors have blue manometer which made it easier to read even in the dark. Besides their stethoscope is dual-headed.

EmsiG stethoscopes have high quality and conductivity in order to transfer the sounds.

EmsiG massagers are available in every types for body, neck and foot. They can be used not just in homes but in clinics and physiotherapists as well. EmsiG neck massager functions in Shiatsu method and foot massagers have heat elements which heat the water to 60 °C.

EmsiG electric breast pumps have a flexible head and it’s suction is exactly like baby’s sucking with the same rhythm. Their head are anticancer and easy to use.

Some of EmsiG body thermometer are flexible and are able to measure the temperature of surfaces and stuffs as well. They work without contact and measure the temperature very fast (up to 1s).

EmsiG medical pillows are made of memory foam and have high quality.

EmsiG air mattresses have the CPR ability (fast evacuation) in an emergency situation. The material of the separated cover is PU. They have a low engine sound which make it comfortable to sleep on it at nights.

EmsiG hot water bags are made of PVC which is smell less and can keep the water warm for longer time. They are also available in different shapes and models.