Why we should choose EmsiG?

  • Worldwide sales representative
  • Useful video tutorials or user manual and fast replying in FAQ
  • Backing our clients with support department and customer relation management (CRM)


We guarantee the durability life cycle of our products

The technology and performance of EmsiG products are based on the scientific researches and needs of customers. Our research team and global network are working constantly to improve the quality and performance of our products with the help of advanced technology and investigation in order to satisfy our customers and fulfill their needs.


EmsiG features new technology with all the details


With the ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and international product certification

All of the EmsiG products have a qualitative and functional certification from international resources.

In addition many of doctors and medical societies are using EmsiG brand worldwide and since they’re satisfied with it, they recommend it to their patients as well.


Proudly succeeded in clinical tests


Background and record of the company

Based on the opinion of our customers, we could earn their satisfaction and trust in these past years by offering our convenient services and products. Besides we have been always active in improving the community health level.

EmsiG is pioneer in establishing efficient technology and tranquility of users, doctors and athletes.


Suitable for all ages

EmsiG brand with it’s various products is suitable for any ages such as newborns, women, middle-aged and elderly and with it’s broad range of product’s list, it can fulfill everybody’s needs.


Big variety of products


Two years of warranty and wide after-sales service

EmsiG company give 2 years of warranty based on assurance of product’s quality on most of the productions to gain customer’s trust and to their relief.


We pay attention to every step of our process, from basic designs to smallest spare parts and also after-sales service