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Angiocatheter CL 04 / CL 02

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  • Catheter designed for easy infusion into the vein
  • Water filter
  • Three-way needle scaling
  • Silicone-smeared needle and counter

Anti-Allergy Micropore Tape SG415

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  • Surgical Tap (Non-woven)
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Great adhesion
  • Micropores (paper)

Disposable Urine Bag UB16

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  • Made with excellent medical-grade PVC
  • Cross/push-pull evacuation valve (pressure)
  • 2000 mL volume

EmsiG Sterile Surgical Gloves SP22

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  • Sterile Surgical Gloves
  • Made with the best natural latex
  • Sterile, soft, easy coverage
  • Strong and elastic
  • Length: 280 mL

Heparin Cap HC86

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  • Can be used with arteries and veins
  • Made with latex-free materials

Insulin Syringe DB56 / DB76

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With seal ring Silicone oil on the surface to guarantee consistent and regular movement Three-way scaling technology for easy needle infusion to the skin and reduced injection pain Elimination of fine filings in the needle tip and body to reduce friction and soft movement (Electropolish technology)

Latex Exam Disposable Gloves LP12

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  • Made with the best natural latex
  • Non-sterile, soft, easy coverage
  • Great strength and elasticity
  • Length: 240 mL
  • High-quality and touch protective

Microset BT106

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  • Disposable IV Infusion Set with Burette
  • Luerlock connector
  • Liquid-level indicator

Scalp vein SV44 / SV42 / SV48

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  • Luerlock/luerslip connector
  • Winged infusion set for vein injection and phlebotomy

Serum Set FS24 / FS28

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  • Disposable IV Infusion Set FS24 / FS28
  • Serum container
  • With air and liquid filter
  • Rolling clamp

Three-Way Stopcock WH64 / WH62

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  • 3-Way Stop Cock
  • For attaching multiple paths (tube, angiocath, etc.)
  • With a valve, two female ports, and a male port

Under pad UP115

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  • Patient Bed Pad (Draw Sheet)
  • Anti-allergy and water-resistant with multiple layers and excellent absorption
  • 90 grams (actual)
  • Excellent absorption and accuracy
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