Electric Breast Pump BP24 Plus

  • With powerful 3D pump motor and effective suction
  • With adjustable massage mode (9-level adjustment in stimulation and press phases)
  • Breastfeeding habit memory
  • Anti-reflux diaphragm
  • Sterilizable

Electric Breast Pump BP24 Plus

  • IP22-certified
  • Unique pumping rhythm – suction, massage, press (baby suction simulator)
  • Blue backlight LED display with touch control panel
  • Spare milk glass (120 mL)
  • Full pack of alkaline batteries, adapter, USB cable, and bag
  • Closed system of milk inside the kit
  • Attached to the breast with soft, high-quality silicone
  • 30-minute timer
  • Smart phase-change system (in-use)
  • With spare bottle


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