Wavy Bubble Mattress AM30

  • Wavy anti-bedsore mattress
  • Light pump with minimal noise and vibration
  • Pump air filter
  • Suitable airflow power
  • Automatic time cycle
  • Up to 110 kg weight bearing

Wavy Bubble Mattress AM30

  • Protective edge to prevent mattress vibration
  • Hook for attaching pump to bed
  • Mattress air pressure knob on the pump
  • 200 x 90 cm mattress
  • With safety fuse for power fluctuations
  • With 130 air cells
  • For use in hospitals and homes
  • Very fine antiperspirant and anti-allergy pores
  • Washing and disinfection
  • 5 L/m airflow
  • 45 to 110 mmHg air pressure
  • Very low 7 watt power consumption

Emsig AM30


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